cardboard, high density foam, glass, duct tape, velcro, mending plates
102H x 102W x 102mmD

Series: Interior Frames

Soft and glistening, the abstract black and white cube offers a reflective personal space and an abstract object for deeper contemplation. Of minute scale and hung at eye-height, the artwork takes close inspection. The viewer is met by a brilliant reflection - their own eyes, focussed and framed inside walls of black memory foam. On angle view, the space is dark and moody, holding in fine balance a psychology of promise and that of hollow propositions; a padded cell. Suspended slightly off the wall, Safe casts a long shadow. It appears unstable although fixed with steel mending plates. Precisely crafted, using soft-construction materials more commonly used to repair or protect, Safe adapts and transforms the provisional into the permanent, archival and conservation-sound. As architecture and idea, the artwork 'models' its exhibition context and rationale - ArtBox, a glazed relocatable white cube, purpose-designed to house,  exhibit and promote art in earthquake-recovering Christchurch.