'Zealandia - Re-writing Vitruvian Man'

18 Sept. 2018. The online international arts newspaper Artslife features Zealandia in this review by Andrea Lombardo 'Zealandia - Re-writing Vitruvian Man', reflecting on the crucifix form of Zealandia in the context of nature, science and Renaissance ideals. Artslife articles can be translated online into all languages, including Te Reo Maori.


Venice Insider

'The Venice Insider' features Zealandia

28 July 2018. The Venice Insider features Zealandia by NZ artist Gill Gatfield among the art and culture highlights visitors will see when walking on the Venetian waterfront from Palazzo Ducale at Saint Mark's Square to the Venice Biennale Giardini. Zealandia is an 'Insider Tip' on a secret itinerary traversing arched marble bridges and patrician monuments, en route to the sculpture's location in Giardini Marinaressa on the Riva dei Sette Martiri, near the palazzo of explorer Giovanni Caboto (who discovered North America in 1497). 


ISC Exhibition

International Sculpture Centre - Artsy Exhibition

August 2018. International Sculpture Centre has selected Model X for an exhibition of 30 sculptures on Artsy, an online platform featuring the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations and art fairs. Modelled on the Roman numeral 10, Model X is a perfect 10. Carved from a rare New Zealand stone, approx 100 million years old, the x-figure offers a futuristic muse.


National Radio

Sculptor Gill Gatfield in Venice!

24 May 2018. National Radio: A massive rare stone extracted from a South Island mountain and carved by sculptor Gill Gatfield, is attracting international interest at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. Gill calls her monumental sculpture "Zealandia". It's a 2.3 metre high X-shaped figure weighing in at one and a half tonnes. Artist Interview with Lynn Freeman, Arts Reviewer Radio NZ. Listen 

Venice Symposia

European Cultural Centre Symposia

May 2018. European Cultural Centre announces the programme of openings and lectures that accompany the exhibition 'Time Space Existence' at La Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice. Events include Gill Gatfield's public lecture 'Baroque Abstraction - Zealandia. A Romance between Conceptual Abstraction and Italian Baroque' on 27 May in Giardini Marinaressa.


Venice Biennale & A18 NYC

Venice & New York

19th March 2018. International award winning NZ sculptor Gill Gatfield has been invited to exhibit at two world class arts events this year — 'Time Space Existence' curated by Global Art Foundation, at the Venice Architecture Biennale (25 May – 26 Nov 2018) and A’18 the American Institute of Architecture Expo in New York (20 – 23 June 2018). KEA World Class NZ e-news.



SCAPE Public Art Season 2017

New exhibition of sculpture and drawings at Studio 125 Gallery for SCAPE Public Art Season 2017 includes works by Anton Parsons, Antony Gormley, Gill Gatfield, Greer Twiss, Gregor Kregar, Nathan Polio, Phil Price and Sam Harrison. Christchurch NZ. Open 7 Oct—18 Nov 2017.


International CODAawards

‘The Kiss’ has won the international 2017 CODAawards Landscape category, judged by 22 art and design leaders. Jury statement: "The Kiss project is conceptually very strong, simple and yet meaningful, poetic and political." (Gisue Hariri, Principal Creative Director, Hariri & Hariri NYC) Announcement of award winners:



The Snake Charmer

November 2017.  CODAworx profiles The Snake Charmer — reconceptualising Rousseau’s chanteuse as an independent abstract figure in black granite. Tableau: granite, water, flora, fauna. 5mH x 6mW x 8mD. Image: Gill Gatfield | The Snake Charmer 


Christchurch Press SCAPE / Studio 125

October 12, 2017  The Christchurch Press lists Studio 125 in 'Ten Exhibitions to See in November'! “A diverse and visually exciting show, including international, national and emerging artists." Curated by Heather Galbraith for SCAPE Public Art. Open until 18 November. Final week to see Gatfields marble+granite sculpture 'Multiple Choice' with Antony Gormley's stone print lithographs Manifold and Future at Studio 125 for SCAPE Public Art, Christchurch New Zealand. 7 Oct-18 Nov.

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