Ally Sloper


tempered polished glass
installation dims variable

Series: Glazed I’s

Pairing the glamour of glass and the allure of transparency with brilliant reflections and stark geometry, Ally Sloper strips bare and rebuilds a narrative of authorship, art, gender, culture and politics. Inspired by the lounging satiric cartoon character 'Ally Sloper' in the Victorian Judy magazine, Ally Sloper expresses an elusive presence. Artist Marie Duval (pseudonym of the French actress Emilie de Tessier) developed the character 'Ally Sloper' and collaborated on the drawings with her husband, novelist Charles Henry Ross, but he was attributed as the popular comic-strip artist/author. Duval may have been Europe's first professional woman cartoonist but her talent and achievements were largely invisible. Blending form with media, concept and title, the clear 'I/One' conveys a sense there is often more beneath the surface.