toughened sandblasted glass, white cube
2.4mH x 1.2mW x 1.2mD

Series: Subject-Object, Glazed I’s

In Untitled 2010, a clear glass I-figure rises above and splits a compressed white cube. A conceptual footing, both constraint and support, the square base grounds the text in the language of minimalism.

Within the glass, each viewer becomes 'I'. The viewer's internal voice is activated – reading the numeral 'first' and the first person present tense 'I', while being present in the first person. With shifts of light and movement, the body becomes ephemeral. C omplicating self-image, the audience sees through themselves as they see themselves.

A fine outline to the text renders an ephemeral presence, an Other. Both beautiful and meaningful, 'the object' becomes 'the subject', and vice versa.