Grass Roots


earth, grass, soil
1.8mH x 1.8mW x 50mmD

Series: Lawn Sculpture, Exterior Frames

NZ Sculpture Onshore 2006

In equal proportions, a square of exposed roots, earth and insect life, contains and frames a circle of lush lawn.  The uncut interior grows at the same rate as the grass and weeds outside the square, and slowly infiltrates the square.  With time the exposed roots also revive and flourish in a show of almost translucent yellow shoots.  Edges and lines blur, and the forms appear as one.

'Roots' relate to source, origin, place of domicile, and sex; and the term 'grass roots' refers to a groundswell movement for change.

At NZ Sculpture Onshore, a major fundraiser by volunteers for NZ Women's Refuges, Grass Roots was located above an underground artillery store built in anticipation of invasion during WWII.