Native Tongue AR

Digital — 2018

The digital sculpture Native Tongue AR creates the alter-ego of the artist’s 3mH ancient kauri sculpture Native Tongue. Utilising the latest AR tracking technology in iOS mobile devices, digital overlays of Native Tongue, captured via photogrammetry, are projected 1:1 into the real world in fully navigable 3D space. Mediated through the device’s camera, viewers can encircle the abstract figure, sense its scale and presence, and see up-close the ancient timber grain, carbon-dated at over 45,000 years old – pre-dating the last Ice Age and the migration of Neanderthal man across Europe. Shaped as the number One, Native Tongue ‘speaks’ of primal origins. Whether (re)situated in a NZ forest or amidst New York skyscrapers, this digital double has an otherworldly presence, manifested anywhere, anytime.