Half Glass


crystal glass, air
2mH x 1mW

Series: Exterior Frames

Half Glass rises improbably on a windswept coastal hillside, a slender perpendicular glass which disappears in profile and re-forms in its own shadow. In media, form and concept, the sculpture explores the proverb of a glass half empty and a glass half-full. This technically 'impossible' form, a precise calculation of half glass and half air, was achieved against the odds being the final of seven exploded and failed attempts. Half Glass embodies the metaphor of optimism prevailing over realism without yeilding to permanence or certainty. It documents the passing of time through the slow transformation of its chemistry from solid back to liquid form. In changing light and angles of view, Half Glass is translucent and melts into the enviroment, to then re-appear and capture striking layered images of landscapes, sky and people framed in the void and reflected in the margins.