Gatfield XR App

Extended Reality — 2021

Outside physical borders and constraints that impact human interaction in public space, new opportunities emerge for game-changing creative arts engagement and sharing via new realities technology. Viewed through iOS and Android hand-held mobile phones or tablets, the Gx app creates immersive sensory experiences via ephemeral objects and ideas that engage with context, time and space. Beginning with the totemic 3.1m/10ft high Native Tongue XR (first developed in iOS in 2018) the artworks are projected at large scale, in real time and place. Audience engagement is enhanced through unique features - the artist-designed user-interface, audio with curator insights, sculpture shadows, native birdsong, and in-app photo capture for social and other sharing. Through the realm of XR (extended reality), Gatfield Studio is creating future-focussed public art and virtual sculptures seeking to delight and inspire diverse audiences worldwide.

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