Artist Presentation

CODAsummit 2020 'Art, Technology & Place'

Oct 2020. Featured at CODAsummit Virtual 2020, the artist describes the journey of creating ‘Native Tongue’, a 3m/10ft high sculpture carved from the heartwood of a rare majestic ancient kauri tree carbon-dated at over 45,000 years old. Predating the migration of Neanderthal Man and the invention of language, this abstract figure articulates the pronoun ‘I’ and the number ‘One’ – uniting idea, material and form, and connecting audience with place.

Native Tongue at CODAsummit Virtual

Intersection of Art, Technology & Place

Sept/Oct 2020. CODAsummit Virtual 2020 presents Gill Gatfield's 'Native Tongue - A Taonga / Treasure' in video and artist talk exploring how technology enables the impossible. In an alchemy of old and new, the artist carved Native Tongue from a prehistoric wood recovered from an ancient forest buried at the end of the last Ice Age. An international forum, CODAsummit explores the exciting ways creative professionals are incorporating technology to expand and redefine the creative field.

Public Art Commission

'Asterisk' lands in Sydney!

June 2020. A new public artwork for Sydney, Asterisk (12m Dia. x 1mH) combines ancient stones and cultural heritage with celestial form to celebrate human journeys past and present. The site specific sculpture welcomes visitors and locals to the entrance of a new sculpture park developed by NSW Government and Westconnex on 18 hectares of open space, part of a major transport infrastructure project. The sculpture's title refers to the Greek word 'asteriskos' meaning: little star. The intersecting stone, sourced from the far corners of Australia - Pilbara, Chillagoe and Sydney, reveals beautiful markings that track the history of the oldest continent on Earth. A unique composite made from rock recovered from tunnelling deep beneath the site anchors this star to place - oriented to Ginan, a small star recently renamed with its ancient Aboriginal astronomy star-name. Placed on Cadigal and Kameygal land, the sculpture's intriguing shadows indicate new directions within a circle of heritage stone that once lined local roads.

Zealandia (At Home) Abroad

Virtual Exhibition - 'Touch'

April 2020. WomanMade Gallery Chicago presents a curated virtual exhibtion, aptly titled 'Touch' during a global pandemic lock-down. Zealandia (At Home) joins selected international multimedia works each navigating the pyschology of human need for connection with nature, community and aspiration in times of turmoil.


Creative Leadership Award

25 Creative Revolutionaries for 2020

Jan. 2020. International commissioned art platform CODAworx honours 25 Creative Revolutionaries - "artists and arts collaborators, leading the way for positive change", among them NZ sculptor Gill Gatfield:

"an activist and an alchemist, creating beautiful minimalist artworks packed with complexity. Inventive in form and meaning, her work draws audiences to engage through sensory experience and inspired philosophical meanings. From a platform of inclusion, Gill's public artworks challenge the status quo, raising eyebrows, questions, and the bar for minimalist art in contemporary practice. ..."


Exhibition 2020

Exhibition The Vivian

Dec 2019-Feb 2020. The Vivian presents work by Gill Gatfield in the Summer Show, a curated exhibition at the purpose-designed spacious gallery north of Auckland, with Australian artists Sally Gabori, Patricia Piccinini and Stephen Benwell, and NZ artists Monique Lacey, Rebecca Wallis, Peter Panyoczki, Cruz Jimenez, Iain Cheesman and Seung Yul Oh.


NZ Public Art

SCAPE book

Nov. 2019. A new critically acclaimed book by Dr Warren Feeney reviews the exceptional public artworks and projects commissioned by Christchurch based SCAPE Public Art, NZ's premier international bi-annual sculpture exhibition. This 20 year survey includes an interview of artist Gill Gatfield and images of her 4 tonne granite sculpture The Kiss installed on the neo-gothic quad at Christ's College. "An essential book for anyone interested in public art" Andrew Paul Wood, EyeContact Nov 2019


NZ Women of Influence Award

NZ Women of Influence

Oct. 2019. Sculptor Gill Gatfield is a NZ Women of Influence Finalist, nominated for outstanding work in the arts & creative sector and for diversity leadership with impact across sectors. Juried by a prestigious panel of industry leaders chaired by Dame Silvia Cartwright, the Women of Influence Awards recognise and celebrate the passion and vision of New Zealand women leaders on the national and international stage.



'Smash' - 'Glass Ceiling' in ArtZone

Spring 2019. Art magazine ArtZone features the award winning 'Glass Ceiling': 'Functioning as both political allegory and a challenging sensory experience, Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa) explores tensions between fear and desire, in a tantalising yet menacing visual feast. ...' Jess Scott, 'Smash' Artzone 81, 2019


Art Award

International Award for 'Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa)'

August 2019. Gill Gatfield's Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa) wins Merit Honors in the international 2019 CODAwards. Celebrating art and design professionals whose collective imaginations create exceptional art in public and private spaces, 2019 honorees include art projects in North America, Europe, China, Asia and the Pacific. In selecting Gill Gatfield's monumental glass sculpture, the jury of 18 design and art thought-leaders were "incredibly impressed with the goals of the project, the successful integration of the artwork into the space, and the collaborative process between all the parties involved. Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa) is an outstanding achievement."


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