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Out There: SCAPE Public Art 2019 by Dr Warren Feeney

'Glass Ceiling' in World
Sculpture News 2019

ArtNews NZ Autumn 2019

D-Photo NZ Autumn 2019

Glass Ceiling (NZ
Aotearoa) Cat. 2019

NZ Women's Law Journal
2018 'Be Just & Fear Not'

'Silhouette' The Art of Transportation

'Zealandia in Venice'
Artslife Sept 2018

'Zealandia' ECC Cat. 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale

Zealandia 2018

Abstract Figure: Gill Gatfield Monograph 2013

Being Made: Gill Gatfield 
Catalogue 2007

‘The Kiss: Making a Place of Art’ Abraxas India, Dec 2017

‘2017 Best Site-Specific Art’ Interior Design USA Sept 2017

‘The Kiss’ Interactive Art Spring 2017

‘Project – Native Tongue’ The Written Word III Autumn 2017

‘New Zealand SCAPE 2016’ World Sculpture News, Autumn 2016

Gill Gatfield Art News NZ
Summer 2015/2016


Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa)
Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa)
Zealandia in Venice

Zealandia, Venice Biennale 2018

Native Tongue - A Taonga (Treasure)

The Story of Native Tongue

Native Tongue AR app

Native Tongue in Augmented Reality Download App Store

 The Kiss, Christ's College, Christchurch, SCAPE Summer 2016-2017

The Kiss, SCAPE Public Art NZ. 2016/2017

Interview: Gill Gatfield ‘Suffragettes’ 13th Floor 2016
Interview: Gill Gatfield ‘Suffragettes’ 13th Floor 2016
The Kiss Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus Denmark 2015

‘The Kiss’ Sculpture x Sea Denmark 2015

Gill Gatfield ‘Creative Process: Logic + Intuition’ 2015
Gill Gatfield ‘Creative Process: Logic + Intuition’ 2015
The Gravy – Series Three, Episode 11

TVNZ6 Art Documentary Gill Gatfield: Current Work Mar 2009


Books | Catalogues

Warren Feeney, Out There: SCAPE Public Art 1998 - 2018, 20 Year Survey View

Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa) Art News NZ Vol.39 No.1 Autumn 2019 (Cover) PDF

Gill Gatfield, Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa) Silo Park 2019 Cat. PDF

European Cultural Centre, Zealandia 'Time Space Existence' Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

The Kiss, Gill Gatfield’, Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus Denmark 2015, 4th Biennale, Cat.

New Zealand Sculpture OnShore 2014 (10th Biennial), Exhibition Catalogue

Ursula Cranmer, Rob Garrett & Warren Feeney,  Abstract Figure: Gill Gatfield Monograph. 104pp.

New Zealand Sculpture OnShore 2012, Exhibition Catalogue

Andrew Clifford (curator), Summer: sky above, earth below, Waikato Sculpture Trust 2011, Cat.

Sculpture in the Gardens 2011–2012, Auckland Botanic Gardens, Cat. PDF

20th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2011, Exhibition of Winners & Selected Finalists, Wallace Arts Trust, Cat.

New Zealand Sculpture OnShore 2010, Exhibition Catalogue

Nadene Milne Gallery, Spring 2010 Cat.

Essential New Zealand Sculpture 2010, Shapeshifter, The New Dowse/NZ International Arts Festival Catalogue

Gill Gatfield ‘En Plein Air’, 51 COCA Feb.–Apr. 2009 Catalogue

Headland – Sculpture on the Gulf 2009 Cat. PDF

Webb’s Contemporary Art / Modern Design 2008 Catalogue

Fine Sanderson Contemporary Art 2007 Catalogue

Being-Made: Gill Gatfield 2007 Catalogue, City Art Rooms 40pp. ISBN 978-0-473-12449-6

Anita Robertson, Activate, COCA 2005 Catalogue

Sue Gardiner, Absorbing Issues, Te Tuhi/Manukau Public Art Gallery 2004 PDF

Gill Gatfield – Kaitiaki, Te Tuhi/Manukau Public Art Gallery 2004 PDF

Moving Mountains – Paintings by Gill Gatfield, Rotorua Museum 2002 Catalogue

Reviews | Articles

Jess Scott, 'Smash' Artzone 81, Winter 2019 p16-17

Ian Findlay-Brown, Editorial - World Sculpture News, Winter 2019 PDF

Warren Feeney, 'Smashing the Glass Ceiling: Gill Gatfield' World Sculpture News, Winter 2019 pp46-50 PDF

Helen Adams-Blackburn, Gill Gatfield's 'Glass Ceiling', D-Photo Issue 89 2019 PDF

John Daly-Peoples 'New exhibition looks at the body, feminism, climate change and recycling' National Business Review 7 Feb. 2019 PDF

Andrea Lombardo, 'Stone-thinking from Zealandia: the art of Gill Gatfield' Sept. 2018 (English) PDF

Andrea Lombardo, 'Zealandia - Re-writing Vitruvian Man' 18 Sept 2018 View

Alessandro Guaita, 'Zealandia: Self defined Sculpture by Gill Gatfield', 2018 ECC essay (English) PDF

Alessandro Guaita, 'Zealandia: corpo e anima Una scultura di Gill Gatfield', 2018 ECC essay (Italian) PDF

The Venice Insider, 'A Secret Itinerary from Palazzo Ducale to Giardini', Insider Tip: Zealandia, Venice Biennale 2018

European Cultural Centre, 'Time Space Existence' 2018 Venice Biennale News May 2018 PDF

Claire Ulenberg, 'A very democratic biennale', Art News New Zealand, Spring 2018 PDF

John Daly-Peoples, 'New Zealand shows at the Venice Architecture Bienale', National Business Review 13 July 2018 View

Federico Monsalve 'Gill Gatfield’s Zealandia en route to Venice Biennale' Urbis Magazine | Architecture Now, 27 April 2018 View

Alison Franks, 'Sealed with a Kiss', Artzone, Issue 71. Summer 2018 PDF

Rita Mody Joshi, ‘The Kiss – Making a Place of Art – Winner: Landscape CODAaward’ Abraxas Lifestyle magazine India, December 2017 (print edition) PDF

Georgina McWhirter, ‘2017 CODAawards Winners Represent the Best Site-Specific Art’ Interior Design Magazine Sep. 2017 (print edition) View

Warren Feeney, ‘Falling in love with a Kiss’ The Press 20 Sep. 2017 PDF

2017 CODAawards Winners – Landscape Category Gill Gatfield ‘The Kiss’ View

‘The Kiss’, Interactive Art, CODAmagazine Spring 2017

‘Studio 125 Gallery Christchurch pop up’ The Big Idea, 24 Mar. 2017 View

‘Project — Native Tongue’, The Written Word III, CODAmagazine Autumn 2017  View

Warren Feeney, ‘New Zealand SCAPE 2016’ World Sculpture News Autumn 2016 PDF

Charlie Gates, ‘New artworks dwell in Christchurch’s quiet and bustling spots’, The Press 7 Oct. 2016 View

Warren Feeney, ‘Ten Christchurch art exhibitions to see in October’ The Press 7 Oct. 2016  View

Michael Hayward, ‘New Sculptures Add Presence to Christ’s College’ The Press 24 Sep. 2016 View

Heather Galbraith, Curator Introduction to SCAPE 2016 (Video) in Michael Hayward ‘The Press 30 Sep. 2016 (The Kiss @ 2.32) View

‘SCAPE Public Art to exhibit in Christ’s College Quadrangle’ Scoop 12 Sep. 2016 View

Rob Garrett, 'Suffragettes 2016 - Corner Window Gallery' Auckland NZ 2016 View

Gill Gatfield, ‘Seventeen Hours of Daylight’ Art News New Zealand, Summer 2015/2016, p60 PDF

Julie Rokkjaer Birch, ‘Do Not Enter – Transcend: Gill Gatfield Glass Ceiling / Glasloft’, Women’s Museum Denmark 2015 PDF

Julie Rokkjaer Birch, Kvindemuseet / Women's Museum Denmark, Artist in Residence 2015 PDF

‘Sculpture Artist at Women’s Museum’ Aarhus Stiftstidende, Kultur 1 Jul. 2015 (Danish) PDF

‘New Installation at Women’s Museum’ Aarhus Onsdag, 2 Jul. 2015 (Danish) PDF

‘Glass Ceiling Art’ Nyhedsvisning, 28 Jul. 2015 (Danish) PDF

Global Women, ‘Gill Gatfield takes on the Danish art scene’ Jul. 2015 PDF

Claudine Ise, ‘18th International Open 2015’ Feb. 2015, Woman Made Gallery Chicago PDF

Prof. Michael Ostwald, Dr Irene Barberis, Prof. Elizabeth Rankin, Prof. Craig McKenzie: Reviewers, Abstract Figure: Gill Gatfield Kikorangi Press 2014 PDF

Deborah Stone, ‘Size matters: sculpture scale speaks volumes’ ArtsHub Australia, Jan. 2014 PDF

Jennifer Choat, Conversations with the Black Square: Revisiting the art and theory of Kazimir Malevich through the sculpture of Gill Gatfield, Trouble Magazine, Dec. 2013 View

Linda Yang, Engaging the viewer-the sculpture of Gill Gatfield, Cassone – International Online Magazine of Art and Art Books, Art & Artists, Nov. 2013 PDF

Petra Pattinson, Gill Gatfield – x,  Sculpture by the Sea, Education Program 2013 PDF

Dan Chappell, Twelve go to Bondi, Art News New Zealand, Spring 2013, pp110-113

Parallax Art Fair New York (10–12 May 2013) Press Release 20 Apr. 2013 PDF

Donna McIntyre, An Island Invitation, New Zealand Herald, 19 Jan. 2013 pD10

Jennifer Buckley, Gill Gatfield: Sculptor, Problem Solver, Ground-breaker, Auckland Art Fair e-news, Nov. 2012 PDF

The Snake Charmer, Artzone – NZ Gallery Guide No.47, Nov. 2012 – Feb. 2013, p70

Todd Parker, Telecom embraces its Native Tongue, Telecom Pulse Intranet Magazine 27 Mar. 2012 PDF

Gill South, Career Conversion – From Law Reformer to Modern Minimalist, NZ Herald 21 Jan. 2012 View

Adrian Evans, Garden sculptures inspire visitors, East & Bays Courier, 20 Jan. 2012

Public Artwork Unveiled at Smales Farm Station, Channel Magazine 14 Sep. 2011

Lisa Honeybone, Sculpture Wins Spot at Smales Farm Site, North Shore Times 12 Jul. 2011

Giant Sculpture Wins Public Art Competition, Channel Magazine 12 Jul. 2011 View

Chris Moore, Gill Gatfield Untitled 2010, The Press, 8 May 2010 pE3 PDF

David Khan, Gill Gatfield’s Portia, COCA 2010 PDF

Centre of Contemporary Art, Third Person/Gill Gatfield, Exhibition Newsletter, COCA Apr. 2010 PDF

Sally Lush, Sculpture on the Kaipara Coast, Art News New Zealand, Summer 2009

Ursula Cranmer, Babel 2009 Essay PDF

John Hurrell, Mish Mesh, EyeContact Art Forum, 22 Aug. 2009 View

Christopher Moore, The Surprising Art of Grass, Christchurch Press, 11 Mar 2009 PDF

John Hurrell, Waitangi Day on Waiheke, EyeContact Art Forum, 6 Feb 2009 View

Sculpture on Waiheke, TVNZ3 News, 29 Jan. 2009

Suspended Sentence – Gill Gatfield, The Kiosk at The Physics Room 2009 View

Richard Gibbs, Turfgrass Art, Sports Field Forum NZ, Dec. 2008 Vol 12 (3) PDF

Rob Garrett, New Zealand Sculpture Onshore, Arts on Sunday, Radio New Zealand, 2 Nov. 2008 View

Edward Hanfling, Exhibitions Art New Zealand, No.128 Spring 2008 

Elizabeth Rankin, The Galvanizing Impulse: Gill Gatfield’s Current Work, Art New Zealand, No.128 Spring 2008 PDF

Young Sun Han, Gill Gatfield, I Am Standing NZ Art Monthly, July 2008

T J McNamara, Hooked by luster of our heritage, NZ Herald, 5 Jul. 2008 View

Natasa Kruscic, The Shifting Position, Being-Made: Gill Gatfield 2007 Catalogue PDF

Young Sun Han, Circles Performing Circles, Being-Made: Gill Gatfield 2007 Catalogue PDF

Natasa Kruscic, Gill Gatfield’s Grass Roots, NZ Art Monthly Jan. 2007 PDF

Sculptors team up for big event, Rodney Times 26 Oct. 2006

Michelle Bethell, Watch growth of art, North Harbour News, 20 Oct. 2006

Natasa Kruscic, Nappy Painting 2006 – Gill Gatfield PDF

Anne-Marie Daly-Peoples, Under-Coat by Skirt, NZ Art Monthly, Nov. 2005

Mary Kisler, Undercoat by Skirt, Arts on Sunday, Radio New Zealand, 22 Oct. 2005

Skirts Travel to Vienna, Art News New Zealand, Summer 2005

Painting On, Waikato Times, 19 Feb. 2005

Sue Gardiner, Absorbing Issues, Te Tuhi/Manukau Public Art Gallery 2004 PDF

Ann Somerville, Mountains catalyst for imagination, Daily Post 24 Apr. 2002

Mark Mather, Art depicts story of the famous love triangle Daily Post 12 Apr. 2002

Marque 4, Press Release, ASA Gallery Auckland 2001

1000 Words, Artist Statement, Dec. 1999


Warren Feeney, 'Smashing the Glass Ceiling: Gill Gatfield' World Sculpture News, Winter 2019 pp46-50 PDF

Lynn Freeman 'Sculptor Gill Gatfield is the Talk of Venice', Radio New Zealand 27 May 2018 View

Federico Monsalve, 'On Time Space Existence' Urbis Magazine, 10 May 2018 View

Liz Gunn, Interview: Gill Gatfield – ‘Suffragettes’, 13th Floor, August 2016 View

Creative Mornings Aarhus, Gill Gatfield 'Creative Process: Intuition + Logic', June 2015 View

Danish National Radio, Interview: Curator Julie Rokkjaer Birch & Artist Gill Gatfield, DK P1, Jul. 2015

TVNZ6 The Gravy, Gill Gatfield: Current Work, Art Documentary Series 3, 1 Mar 2009 View

Warren Feeney, En Plein Air, Artist Interview Plains FM 96.9; Fresh FM Marlborough; Wellington Access Radio AM 783; RDU FM 98.5 PDF

Human Rights | Diversity

Alison Mau, 'New Zealand's stunning gender pay gap in the arts is plain wrong' Stuff NZ, 6 Oct. 2019 View

Gill Gatfield, 'Glass Half Full for Creative Women Professionals in New Zealand' LinkedIn 1 October 2019 | NZ Global Women Newsletter October 2019 PDF

Gill Gatfield, 'Be Just & Fear Not' New Zealand Women's Law Journal, 2018 NZWLJ View

Gill Gatfield, Without Prejudice: Same Issue/New Cover 1896–2018. Thomson Reuters 2018 View

NZ Women in Law Summit 2018, Key Media, Auckland

University of Auckland 'Women in legal profession' Panel Discussion April 2018

Fiona Rotherham ‘Law profession’s equality issue’ National Business Review 22 Sep. 2017 p1, pp6–8 PDF

Law Fuel Editors ‘7 Ways the Law Firm Gender Equality Lip Service Can End Now’, Law Fuel 21 Sep. 2017

Gill Gatfield, Without Prejudice: Same Issue/New Cover 1896–2016. International Suffrage. Hardback 550pp.

NZ Law Society ‘120 Years – Women in Law’ September 2016 PDF

Gill South, Career Conversion – From Law Reformer to Modern Minimalist, NZ Herald 21 Jan. 2012 View

Gill Gatfield, Without Prejudice: Women in the Law. Brooker’s 1996. 550pp. Heritage Title 2011.