black granite, white glacial stone
3mH x 20mW x 4mD

Series: Exterior Frames

Located at the edge of a volcanic lava flow, beside a bustling city transport station, a vertical black granite monolith dissects a horizontal white glacier stone platform.

As the light shifts, the shadow of the black stone rotates on the white ground, fusing vertical and horizontal planes. A human figure, when centred in the portrait-shaped void and backlit, is also outlined in shadow on the white substrate. In its alignment of figure, light, shadow and surface, Silhouette gives new life to an ancient practice used in caves by our forebears to render human form through silhouette.

Twice as high as wide, and twice the volume of solid form to that of framed space, the abstract composition itself also duplicates when the long dark shadow on the white ground is reflected back inside the mirror-polished stone. A silhouette within Silhouette.