13% Painting


automative paint on meranti plywood
1190H x 595W x 13.6mmD

Series: Interior Frames

Capturing the viewer in high gloss black, 13% Painting (Abstract Representation) considers anonymity and assumptions about presence/absence. A void or negative space, a symbol of a female element, placed at groin height, refers to the 13% of women artists (cf: 87% men) represented at one leading NZ dealer gallery, and typical of art statistics worldwide. The black field oscillates between being support and constraint to the white slot, while the cut-out borrows volume from the wall behind and outside the work.  In composition, the dominant 87% black area is also 13% of the volume of the work when viewed by depth, making both fields equally lean. Placeholders and perceptions interchange, raising questions of what counts as content and material.