30,000+ steel pins, Belgian linen stretcher
1mH x 1mW x 50mmD (variable)

Series: Magnetic Fields

Refracting light and shimmering, Prick heightens the senses. Connected to the pulling power of the moon, tens of thousands of tiny sharp steel pins defy gravity and float across a magnetised linen field. Tension rises inside the sensuous surface with individual fragments competing for ground among the masses, and alpha steel shafts pushing others aside. The fine hair-like surface tempts touch and close inspection, risking a prick to soft skin or a poke in the eye. Alongside its material seductions, Prick holds the potential for sharp rebukes, unfolding friction and sexual intent.

Flicked Pollock-like, the polished steel hovers on the surreal metallic landscape - multiple untamed gestural brushstrokes on the stretched membrane. The activated media creates a suspended process-painting, sans paint. As sculpture or performance, Prick reveals infinite structures and systems, and unruly masses poised with intent.