Silver Fox


oil on linen, polished steel
200mmH x 200mmW x 100mmD

Series: Magnetic Fields

Silver Fox renders an art of seduction. Glistening and tempting touch, the work teases the senses and stimulates the chemistry of aesthetics. Alluring and sensuous, the surface pleases and causes pain; it attracts and repels. Appearing contained in an orderly rigid format, the fluid magnetised materials can shift and slide, camouflage, alter direction; transforming the black square. Concepts of stealth and status, wisdom and charm permeate the object and the title: the allure of silver fox fur (a genetic cross-breed), intergenerational relationships (older male/younger female), a fictional Marvel spy character (member of Team X and X-Men), and an unmanned aerial vehicle supporting intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. Both hero and villain, this liminal artwork revels in its own silver sheen.