toughened sandblasted glass, aluminium
3 parts, each 2.2mH x 1.1mW
Installation dimensions: 16m x 8m x 3mH

Series: Glazed I’s, Subject-Object

I AM/MAI comprises three glass letters I-A-M which appear as elusive abstract figures, each over 2m high. Seeming fragile yet robust, the translucent and reflective texts are read individually and together from opposing ends of the room, equally I AM and MAI. Viewed against a blackened wall, the Maori MAI is reflective and affords an extension in time. Combined with the declaratory English I AM with its roots in philosophy and spirituality, the texts offer the viewer a deep sensory experience of object and self. Exceeding technical parameters, the cut and toughened free-standing forms vascillate between being three-dimensional and absent, legible and indecipherable.