tempered glass, red ink
1350 x 200mm
edition of 10

Series: Glazed I’s

Like an exclamation-mark, Siren allures and warns. The silky glass sylph calls on its namesake Sirens, mythical female figures in the islands of Ancient Greece who's songs lured sailors across turbulent seas. The fire-red text infuses the legendary figure with clear voice. Like an exclamation mark, the viewer’s attention is caught as they draw in close, the gaze locked in a one-to-one exchange and the body reshaped in an hour-glass symmetry.

Notions of ancestry and blood-lines are conveyed through the artery of the blood-red I/One form. A deeply symbolic colour within Asian cultures, red relays good luck, wards off evil, and conveys passion, courage and strength. In Indian cultures and mythology, red is the colour of love, and in Japanese and Chinese languages, the figure ‘I’ makes the sound of ‘love’.

Amidst the chaos of pandemics, wars and rising seas, Siren projects urgency and fragility from within the isolation of an Island-form.