toughened glass, white cube
2.4mH x 1.2mW x 1.2mD

Series: Glazed I’s, Subject-Object

In Untitled 2010, a clear glass I-figure rises above and splits a compressed white cube. Both constraint and support, the conceptual square footing grounds the text in the language of abstraction.

Within the glass, every viewer becomes 'I'. An internal voice is activated – seeing and reading the numeral 'first' and the first person present tense 'I', while being present in the first person. Complicating self-image, the audience sees through themselves as they see themselves. With shifts of light and movement, the physical body dissolves. A fine outline describes the I-figure / text in space, rendering another presence, an Other. Both beautiful and meaningful, 'the object' and 'the subject' interchange.