I+I (=3)


ancient kauri (carbon dated 45,000+ years), rimu, light
385 x 373 x 173mm

Series: Subject-Object

In a trio of media and form, I+I(=3) speaks of history, people and place. The twin figures are carved from the heartwood of an ancient kauri tree recovered from a buried forest and carbon dated at over 45,000 years. The light is encased in rimu plywood, a machine-made compression of newly felled timber from sustainably managed forests. Charged with electricity, the sculpture explores bonds between old and new, sustainability and progress, the known and the ephemeral. Shaped as Roman numerals – One/First and the pronoun 'I', the pair of I-figures form a partnership of equals, each with unique qualities. Negative space framed between the I's describes a third connected element; an illuminated plus sign that joins the I's. I+I(=3) asserts the art of communication at centre stage in a primary equation (I+I) that adds up to more than just the sum of its parts.