The Muses


crystal glass, heritage pine c.1920, black wall
Installation dims: 3.5mH x 5.7mW

Series: Subject-Object

Poised on a heritage beam recovered from a demolished Berlin house, a composition of pure glass figures stand against a grey-black wall. The Muses crystal-gaze between past, present and future, while being anchored in time and place. Relating to a time before written texts, the ancient Muses inspired creators and conveyors of knowledge and beauty. Originally three in number, they enabled the power of memory, a sacred storehouse of arts and science shared through the voices of poets and musicians. Recalling these patron goddesses, The Muses operate in clairaudient realms. The totemic I-shapes instil a pattern which replays in the human mind, a murmur or hum, an ambient ‘aye’.

Transparent and reflective, the totemic figures are mercurial and in certain lights appear as solidified mist. Ambiguous as positive and/or negative forms, they retreat into the void and simultaneously project into time and space. Their crystalline edges cast haloes on the wall behind, fine lines replicating the I/One/First through drawings of light. Between the I-beams, plus signs connect the whole, with half-plus signs each end, taking the work beyond the I-frame and into expanded planes. The dark ground absorbs light, making mirrors of I/One and, at angled perspectives, reflects the world outside.