The Muses


crystal glass, heritage Berlin pine c.1920, schwarz-grau wall
Berlin Installation dims: 3.5mH x 5.7mW

Series: Subject-Object

Rising from the dark, The Muses echo an ephemeral presence and infuse the senses and psyche in deep reflection on Other and Self. The abstract figures recall the patron goddesses of arts and sciences in an alchemy of light, matter and time. Originally three in number, the ancient Muses inspired the creators of poetry, music, philosophy and astronomy, a revered treasury of memories and knowledge in an age before written texts.

Embracing the human body, the colonnade of first forms envelope their audience in the translucent skin of I/One. Silk smooth surfaces and soft internal curves entice the curious to touch. Under grey skies, these mercurial figures appear as solidified mist, and become crystal-clear and mirrors of life as the clouds lift. Between the metaphysical I-beams are plus-signs that form a collective which is united and connected to the city and architecture, anchored by a restored beam from a 1920s Berlin haus. As mediums, The Muses connect across clairaudient realms. Sounds emerge from the I-forms, an affirming murmur or hum, an ambient ‘aye’. The voices echo in the crystalline edges, tracing memories of I/One on the wall behind, precious haloes of humanity in shadowy times.