Lean II


permanent ink on transparency film, framed (with glass)
324H x 400W x 22mmD

Series: The Allegory

In Lean II the framework for a supporting structure is described by two figures, leaning against each other. The stick figures are built on layers of transparency film stacked on a white field, balanced but not fixed on the horizontal plane. Resembling I/One/First, the combined structure infers a partnership or collaboration, a primary human need to give and get support. In construction terms, a 'Lean-to' refers to the sloping roof addition built onto one side of an existing structure, providing physical shelter and protection, typically to accomodate a growing family. Hand-made yet still clean, white and glazed, Lean II exposes the human condition inside a clinical context.

Collection Ronald McDonald House Wellington 
(A 'home away from home' for families with hospitalised children)
Exhibited: ArtHouse, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts 2012