12m Dia. x 1mH.
Pilbara marble, Chillagoe marble, Sydney Tunnel-stone, Heritage sandstone blocks

Series: X-Figure

On Cadigal and Kameygal land, welcoming visitors at the entrance to new sculpture parklands, Asterisk is a modern compass in Sydney NSW, placing equal value on different perspectives. It combines celestial form and ancient stone sourced from different areas of the oldest Continent in the world, linking the metaphysical realms of earth and sky. Asterisk evokes human journeys and ancient stellar navigation systems used to guide Indigenous and European travellers on journeys far and wide. Named after the Ancient Greek word for ‘little star’, Asterisk points to Ginan, a small star recently recognised internationally by its Australian Aboriginal star name. The asterisk symbol is a visual and sensory pause. Visible from a human-made 30mH mound at St Peters Interchange in this new transport route, the sculpture's shadows create a sundial inside a circle of local heritage stone. Marking the change of seasons and indicating new directions, Asterisk invites locals and visitors to interact, reflect, explore and play.