Multiple Choice

Italian Carrara marble, Indian black granite
90mmH x 500mm Dia. (ed.3, 1 A/P)

Series: X-Figure

In Multiple Choice, intersecting blades of hand-polished stone from two continents – white Italian marble and black Indian granite, draw on divergent traditions and point to the spiritual monochromes of Malevich and early abstractions of Mondrian. Here, the minimalist form unfolds into a multifaceted symbolism of identity, gender, race and power. It reflects and absorbs, raising as many questions as answers.

Like an X selecting or striking out options on a voting paper or a test, Multiple Choice asserts action while contesting dualisms, such as certainty and doubt. As a multiplication sign comprising plural X’s, which replicates in shadows and reflections, it amplifies the value of choice. Connected to the Earth and stationed as a compass, an intersection or crossroad, the stone cross indicates divergent paths to follow.