Zealandia (At Home)


Archival pigment inks on Hahnemühle rag
European pine frame, museum glass
865mmH x 1065mmW

Series: X-figure

Imagining an ideal home in Aotearoa New Zealand to ‘place’ the ancient stone monument Zealandia, the artist visualised an emerald-green rainforest; an eco-system that encapsulates the origins and fragile beauty  of the earth’s recently discovered 8th Continent – Zealandia, and the birth of a nation. In this primordial landscape first memorialised by NZ environmentalist and landscape photographer Craig Potton, the totemic stone figure is autonomous and isolated, encircled by native flora in an exotic scene, quintessentially NZ. Made from indigenous stone that predates human existence, the X-figure evokes Māori creation myths, bridging heaven and earth – grounded in Papatūānuku, the earth Mother, and reaching out into the mist to Ranginui, the sky-father. Like an Island emerging from a mostly submerged continental landmass, Zealandia (At Home) anchors pre-human DNA to the earth.