Zealandia (At Home)


Archival pigments on Hahnemühle rag
865mmH x 1065mmW
Edition of 25

Series: X-Figure

In a primordial forest, a futurist classical form challenges the perfect proportions of Renaissance Man. Evolved from the median proportions of female figures across the globe, the X-form sets new ratios in an ancient stone discovered in the mountains of Aotearoa New Zealand. The form describes the intersection of tectonic plates, the Earth movements that disrupt surfaces and millenia ago pushed the World's newly discovered 8th Continent, Zealandia, Te Riu-a-Māui up from the seabed. The watery world of this emerald-green landscape, first documented by NZ environmental artist Craig Potton, binds the hour-glass figure to the origins of time.

At home yet isolated and autonomous, the monument rises in an ecosystem embedded with legends. Encircled by native flora, the fingers of tree branches above reach out to touch, a Michelangelo Sistine Chapel-like ceiling backdrop. Carved from ancient rock, the mystical figure evokes creation stories, a primal totem between heavens and earth with feet grounded in Papatūānuku, Earth Mother, and arms opening up through the mist to Ranginui, Sky-Father. In a largely submerged continental landmass, Zealandia (At Home) anchors pre-human DNA to the Earth as it bears witness to a world in flux.