Native Tongue XR

Extended Reality

The digital sculpture Native Tongue XR projects an 'other I', the alter-ego of the artist’s 3mH ancient kauri sculpture Native Tongue in extended reality. Pushing the boundaries of augmented reality tracking technology, digital overlays of Native Tongue captured via photogrammetry are projected 1:1 into the real world in fully navigable 3D space. Viewed through mobile phone camera or tablet, viewers can encircle the 3m/10ft.H abstract figure, feel its scale and presence, and experience close-up the ancient timber grain which is carbon-dated at over 45,000 years, pre-dating the last Ice Age and the migration of Neanderthals across Europe. Shaped as the number One and pronoun 'I', Native Tongue ‘speaks’ of primal origins. (Re)situated in an indigenous forest, amidst New York's skyscrapers, or beside a Mountain stream, this digital double presents an otherworldly presence, a spirit traveller recentering humanity in nature and the Earth.