Research Residency

2024. An 8 month research residency with FOREIGN OBJEKT, an international network and ecosystem, explores art and philosophy in the AI era. The research group of artists, philosophers, scientists and engineers develop projects expanding on the framework "Deep Objekt [0]: Agency at the Computational Turn" developed by philosopher Reza Negarestani and residency curator Sepideh Majidi. Founded in 2019, Foreign Objekt promotes collaborative discourse on the transformative potential and future for human and artificial intelligence. Formulating a new rubric: RADICAL MONUMENTS, Gill Gatfield’s residency project investigates the transmission of intelligence between human and the AI-AR monuments and implications for diverse, dynamic and democratic public space.  

Resident research and artistic projects are presented at:

▪️Space Gallery Berkley USA
▪️New Art City Virtual
▪️Foreign Objekt Website
▪️Posthuman Art Laboratory Website

Deep Objekt 2024 residency advisors are:  Sepideh Majidi, Maure Coise, Reza Negarestani, Marek Poliks, Roberto Alonso Trillo, Keith Tilford, Borna Radnik, and invited guests.