Public Art Commission

'Asterisk' lands in Sydney!

July 2020. A new public artwork for Sydney, Asterisk (12m Dia. x 1mH) combines ancient stones and cultural heritage with celestial form to celebrate human journeys past and present. The site specific sculpture welcomes visitors and locals to the entrance of a new sculpture park developed by NSW Government and Westconnex on 18 hectares of open space, part of a major transport infrastructure project. The sculpture's title refers to the Greek word 'asteriskos' meaning: little star. The intersecting stone, sourced from the far corners of Australia - Pilbara, Chillagoe and Sydney, reveals beautiful markings that track the history of the oldest continent on Earth. A unique composite made from rock recovered from tunnelling deep beneath the site anchors this star to place - oriented to Ginan, a small star recently renamed with its ancient Aboriginal astronomy star-name. Placed on Cadigal and Kameygal land, the sculpture's intriguing shadows indicate new directions within a circle of heritage stone that once lined local roads.