Australia Exhibition

Conversations on Spatial Architecture

Presented first in Chicago, the arched glass Ally Sloper heads next to Australia along with the stone x-figure Multiple Choice recently featured at the 2021 Aotearoa Art Fair. These sculptures form part of the exhibition ‘Conversations on Shadow Architecture’ by curator Ineke Dane, opening in Brisbane in October and in Sydney next year. Artworks and texts by artists, architects and academics will question and reimagine our cultural, social and political spaces in the wake of COVID-19. Contributors include Indigenous Australian artists Dale Harding and Richard Bell, Berlin based Anri Sala, Heba Y. Amin and Valentina Karga, New York architects HWKN and Yale Professor Keller Easterling, a leading theorist on critical spatial practice.

Brisbane: METRO Arts, Opening 2 Oct– 30 Oct 2021 
Sydney: Dominik Mersch Gallery 27 May – 25 June 2022