UNITY Artist Interview – Artscore


Oct 2022. In the frame of the exhibition UNITY in Venice, curator Bohdan Stupak interviewed Gill Gatfield for contemporary art magazine ARTScore, canvassing the artist's relationship to the city of water, her sources of inspiration, dedication to natural materials, conceptual approach to minimalism, and the embodied critique of democratic ideals in her three Venetian sculptures: Native Tongue XR 2018-2022, Harmony 2022, and Zealandia 2018.

"Venice mirrors the mind. Full of mystery and intrigue, the city physically plunges the body into its hidden streets and canals: narrow and winding, enveloped by the darkness and the elements of the centuries. Secret passages force people to come closer: anonymous whispering bodies passing by. ... Being inside Venice is like being inside a sensory cave. Creativity runs through the veins of the city."