New Limited Edition Artwork

Glass Ceiling 2020

Drawing its audience inside the frame, a new archival photograph Glass Ceiling describes an undulating field pulsing with imagination. Beneath the neo-classical arches of the towering Silo, a crystalline pool of acquamarine glass evokes a broken metaphor and a sublime scene. The once-was glass ceiling is smashed and silo-ed: set apart and isolated, prised open for inspection. Focus shifts from an invisible obstacle above to the now palpable sum of its parts. Like an ancient Roman Forum, Glass Ceiling frames space for discussion and the exchange of ideas; a beautiful sensory 'room' for meditation and healing, and a salient reminder of the forces of gravity and unbridled power. An industrial scale monument, it proposes a memorial to the past and a foundation for the future, with higher goals.

Presented: SCAPE Public Art - Art in Residence 2020 Details