Launch of New Work

'HALO' unveiled at Te Papa marae

8 September 2023.  Gill Gatfield’s new virtual sculpture HALO is unveiled at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa by the Wellington Sculpture Trust at a special celebration at Rongomaraeroa. The marae is named after a place in the heavens where atua (Māori gods) meet in peace to discuss and settle issues. Created by master carver Cliff Whiting and the Te Papa Māori advisory group, Ngā Kaiwawao, the marae embraces the concept of mana taonga (the role of communities in the understanding and care of collections) and the principles of Te Tiriti, the Treaty of Waitangi. HALO was commissioned by Wellington Sculpture Trust to commemorate 40 years of trailblazing public art in New Zealand’s capital city.