UNITY Review - Venezia News

'The Dawn of New Art'

Sept. 2022. Harmony and Native Tongue XR feature in Venezia News review of the Venice Biennale 'Art in the City, Around the Future'. In 'The dawn of new art', Elena Migotto discusses artworks in search of new expressive scenarios, including the two sculptures in UNITY:              

.. More disorienting still are the ways in which New Zealand sculptor Gill Gatfield ... reclaims space in the Palazzo Bembo and the Giardini della Marinaressa. In the first case, two sculptures, independent, connect as much in the form that characterises them as in their proportional scales: Harmony is a miniature I, while Native Tongue XR is a monumental I. Once again here, the use of the Metaverse appears crucial to eliciting the sense of intangible attraction with which the concreteness of the totemic Native Tongue is deconstructed, transcending the bounds of immediate materiality. …