Ally Sloper

Chicago USA | Australia

The curved glass text/number Ally Sloper exerts equal pressure on floor and wall, holding the notion of I/One in a tentative state of equilibrium.  Shifting presumptions about art categories, materials and themes, the anthropomorphic form is both figure and abstraction, with masculine and feminine qualities suspended in an androgynous structure and geometry.  Neither wall piece nor freestanding object, the clear glass is a hybrid, creating a protective shield while claiming space in the room. The curve, both concave and convex, poised on a square platform, marks out the diameter of an incomplete yet measurable circle: denoting the mathematical conundrum of circling the square.  Like a futuristic shelter, it cups the corner, an ethereal arch or crystal-clear rainbow; an inviting passage – defining an 'alley' with its polished edge and 'I' shadow.