Conversations on Shadow Architecture

Brisbane, Sydney — 2022

Conversations on Shadow Architecture (CoSA) proposes a multidisciplinary enquiry into the cultural, social and political potential of space and architecture through the theoretical lens and modes of Critical Spatial Practice. Curated by Ineke Dane, CoSA included commissioned and selected works by artists, architects, writers and composers from Albania, Aotearoa NZ, Australia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Peru, and USA: Tarik Ahlip, Heba Y. Amin,  Richard Bell, Lauren Brincat, Five Mile Radius, Gill Gatfield, D Harding, Fionnuala Heidenreich, HWKN Studio, Simon James Phillips, Valentina Karga, Nicolas Kisic Aguirre and Anri Sala.

"These artists' practices resonate with the non-hierarchical limbs of our thought exercise: creatives who disrupt the machine or reject the monotony of  the everyday. They step clear of the well-beaten track to provoke the core of our humanness—and its shadow—recalling the currency of fluid, liminal and responsive existence." Ineke Dane

An a
ccompanying publication includes texts by thought-leaders on Critical Spatial Practice: Keller Easterling, Markus Miessen and Aleksandra Wasilkowska.