Current Work

City Art Rooms, Auckland NZ — 2008

Rethinking the constraints of the banal 'new work' or 'recent work', Current Work develops a mise en scene in a suite of works 'still in the making'. Deadline, an 800volt electric current dissects and connects the two galleries. The live wire imposes an element of care and the need to genuflect before the large glass text I AM / MAI in one space and the registration plate, QR8, in the other. One wall supports two icons –White Island and All Black, carved transactional fields which absorb and hold the heat, while the carefully cultivated lawn in Subdivision defies its constraints. Placeholders for characters in a production, the texts embody and critique the roles of author, artist, curator, viewer and gallery, against a geo-political landscape of  wall-hung concrete, magnetic and lawn sculpture.