Glasloft | Glass Ceiling

Kvindemuseet Women’s Museum Denmark — 2015

In Glasloft/Glass Ceiling the metaphoric ‘glass ceiling’ becomes a room, as high as it is wide, in the heart of a heritage building. The thick pool of smashed glass sparkles – a bed of outsized diamonds, exquisitely seductive. Although full of promise, both access and transit within this space is problematic. Two open doorways with glass risers at the thresholds clearly demarcate a step up and expose the uncertain, precarious terrain. Sheer walls lead up to the stark glare of bare pendant bulbs which reinforce a downward gaze. The elusive ‘glass ceiling’ is not transparent, a singular high barrier or a level playing field. It is a structural membrane of multiple dimensions, with multifaceted and toughened components. Anchored by the weight of gravity and shaped by the historic skin of the room, Glasloft/Glass Ceiling holds shadows – a reminder of contestable ground.