Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa)

Silo Park, Auckland NZ — 2019

Beneath the cavernous ceiling of a disused Silo, 16.5 tonnes of smashed glass push against castle-thick concrete walls. Hand-carved into deep undulating curves, Glass Ceiling (NZ Aotearoa) reveals a glacier-worn landscape of crystal shards. Light and shadow animate the depths, evoking a sea of turbulent waters with rises and hollows holding the impressions of fallen bodies in a cut-glass bed. With an intoxicating push and pull of fear and desire, the space entices yet entry is dangerous. Beauty competes with the sublime. Emotive impact is heightened by the formal qualities of the work – gazing up inside the towering cylinder, there is only darkness overhead. The shimmering pool forms a disc with glass panes at arched doorways, these thresholds are windows to the operating system within. Potent political metaphors come to the fore. The symbolic glass ceiling is shattered and silo-ed; a seditious act that serves to liberate yet exposes circularity and obstruction anew. An industrial scale monument, Glass Ceiling makes space for personal and collective memories amidst the seas of systemic constraints.