In Absentia

Greece — 2023

In Absentia’s virtual presence binds physical and digital worlds, fusing natural and ancient materials and symbols with the Metaverse.

Rising from an Ionic stone column base, two crystal-glass figures lean in but do not touch. Translucent and reflective, the text-number-symbols curve to form an incomplete arch. These glass glyphs oscillate between states of being, equally and at once: individual and collective, human and spirit, mind and body, present and absent, a split personality, a perfect coupling, sparring partners, or sovereign states in debate or accord.

Carving matter as material, the sculpture touches lightly on the Earth. Large-scale yet feather-weight, the structure defies physics and gravity while relying on the propositions of each to articulate form. The missing centre is a keystone, without which arched structures would fall. The composition’s faint existence accentuates de-materialisation just as the human imagination and body begins to trust it is physically there.

Activated by audiences using mobile technology, In Absentia manifests in endless multiples and is experienced individually and collectively at full scale in 3D - at over 3.5 metres high - in physical space and time.