Native Tongue AR

NYC New York — 2018

Extending known boundaries of augmented reality and tracking technology, digital overlays of the artist’s 3m/10ft.H ancient kauri sculpture Native Tongue were captured through photogrammetry and projected 1:1 into the real world. Viewed in fully navigable 3D space through an iOS mobile phone camera or tablet, viewers encircle the abstract figure, sensing its scale and presence. Close inspection reveals the beautiful ancient wood grain, carbon-dated at over 45,000 years, a once buried treasure/taonga that predates cave drawing and the end of the last Ice Age.

Exploring the edges of creative technology, the digital double prompts a double-take, challenging audiences' perceptions of matter, time and space. Situated amidst New York's skyscrapers, at MOMA, and in the sculpture park grounds of Storm King NY, Native Tongue AR is a free-spirit with a light footprint, imagining new scenarios in existing contexts as a future-focussed messenger from the past.