Smales Farm Station, Auckland NZ — 2011

Located at the gateway to a busy city transport Station alongside a major motorway, Silhouette offers a contemplative moment in a place of constant transition. A geometric grid of intersecting planes, the monolithic stone holds balanced proportions, gentle curves, reflective surfaces, and an ever encircling shadow. Green spaces, pond, buildings, Station, roadways and people are framed and contained in Silhouette. In its alignment of figure, light, shadow and surface, the composition gives new life to an ancient practice used in caves by forebears to render human form through silhouette.

Developed in response to the site's history and its ongoing transformation – from pasture to 'green' business park, and from horse drawn carriages to modern transport hub – Silhouette relays an underlying theme of aspiration. The vertical black stone and horizontal white glacier stone platform reflect the elongated seams of dark basalt that once ran through the old Smales Quarry, and register the Station's location at the edge of a volcanic lava flow.