K.Road Auckland NZ — 2016

At a cross-road in the red light district in Auckland NZ, seven black glass figures bend around the corner of a window gallery space. Creating a multi-layered spatial field, they reflect the movement of shoppers and students by day, and sex workers trading at night. The ‘Suffragettes’ are both subject/object and participants in this inner city scene. As pronouns, the figures refer to C19th activists who fought and won the vote and the right for women to be legally defined as ‘persons’, and uphold a central tenet of human rights: the personal is political, in public space. The triangular formation mimics migrating birds, using the slipstream to conserve energy and taking turns leading from the front. Conflating gender into an androgynous collective, ‘Suffragettes’ are inclusive of every-one. Aligned and organised, they occupy the street front in the present tense.