Auckland NZ — 2021

'Survey' builds a multi-dimensional grid for sensory engagement, feelings and ideas. An architected space re-earthed with grass landscapes, magnetic fields and monochromatic planes, supports a cast of ancient stone markers and fragile glass figures. The independent objects are equally building blocks in a trans-disciplinary arts practice that seeks beauty and meaning through minimalist form, and characters in a narrative surveying the conditions of this time. Within each abstract artwork, philosophical and geo-political constraints are described and defied. Voids, data, internal operating systems and elements of nature - gravity, shadow, warmth and light, activate and expand the ‘Survey’ frame. Concealed content seeps out and minute details sparks curiosity and surprise, tempting hands to  touch. An inquisitive sensibility builds across the ‘Survey’, proposing a departure from ‘what was’ and ‘what is’ to the realm of ‘what if’. In this light, a new order starts to unfold with first forms and symbols recast and connected to ancestors and Earth, proposing new measures of power and strength.