Auckland NZ — 2021

The 'Survey' disrupts and examines states of mind and being through a multi-dimensional minimalist grid. An inner-city architectural space is re-earthed with grass landscapes, magnetic fields and monochromatic planes, a stage for a cast of fragile glass figures and ancient stone markers. The objects are building blocks in a trans-disciplinary practice that seeks beauty and meaning through minimalist form. Each abstract figure poses aesthetic, philosophical, spiritual and geo-political questions. They are characters in a narrative surveying the conditions of this time. Voids, data, operating systems, and elements of nature - gravity, shadow, warmth and light – activate and expand the 'Survey' frame. Concealed content seeps out and minute details spark curiosity and surprise. An inquisitive sensibility rises as the 'Survey' proposes a departure from ‘what was’ and ‘what is’, and proposes: ‘what if’. Flooded in light, a new order starts to unfold with first forms and symbols reconnecting to ancestors and the Earth.