The Kiss

Sculpture x Sea, Aarhus Denmark — 2015

An abstract X-figure created from four tonnes of specially quarried outsized black granite, the modern text message (x) is multiplied into a monumental love-mark. Both a primitive marking and futurist cave, The Kiss imprints universal human DNA, the female chromosome X, on the earth. Like an ancient stone circle, people are drawn into the folds of the sculpture, enchanted by the play of light, brilliant reflections, abstract composition, and maze-like form. Its method of construction enacts a kiss: the granite panels interlock, separated by a sliver of air – the breath in a kiss. This coupling creates an abstract figure that celebrates connectivity while enabling freedom of movement – unlike The Kiss visualised by Rodin, Brancusi, Munch and Klimt. Presented in Denmark at the centenary of women's right to vote, The Kiss presents a partnership of equals.