The Wall (US)

Vermont, USA — 2019

Stretched inside-out, a grid of new-born diapers lines time-worn walls in a historic barn in rural Vermont USA while a nation outside grapples with internal and external boundaries and ever-increasing degrees of control. Like breathing, the soft units repeat in a rhythm and pattern that pulse to the passage of time. Encompassing a door and turning a corner, The Wall (US) articulates both structure and membrane. It evokes physical and permeable borders, and wavers between pure states of freedom and subliminal control over environments, bodies and minds. It offers a sweet pull of protection and safety, a sanitised cotton-filled bed yet one underpinned by naked vulnerability, en masse, and the chemical whiff of a white-washed wall. Fresh and new, the padded field is seductive and sublime, its creamy folds pulling hands in to stroke and explore. Each unit has unique skin-like folds and creases, potent spaces for individual bodily functions, a deeply personal and human core woven and absorbed into the collective ‘US'. This white enclosure is fixed under the gaze of a free-standing companion, the independent many-walled object, Alpha Male. The block figure suggests a podium or a mega-speaker aimed at the backs of the people at the wall. Dense in mass, it absorbs sound and moisture, and sucks the air out of The Wall (US).